Leather Apple Watch Bands

Looking for news and information on leather bands for Apple Watch? In these articles you will find our guides: information on Italian leather and its workmanship, traditional and exotic skins, the best Apple Watch leather bands for women and men, the most luxurious models, methods to clean leather straps.

Packing list for an Italy road trip: the 3 must-have travel accessories

To arrange an Italy road trip is something a lot of people dream of in their life. Romance, history, and culture you can breathe everywhere are worthy of a visit to Italy. If you then add to this the smells of the tastiest food you’ll ever taste, the breathtaking sights you’ll enjoy everywhere and the […]…Read More

Exotic Apple Watch Bands: a buyer’s guide

Sometimes ago… Tanning is one of the most ancient human activities developed all over the world through a long period of time. The world’s oldest cow leather shoe was found in Armenia. Created more than 5.000 years ago it represents a unique object, perfectly preserved, which probably belonged to a woman. More exotic leather (snake […]…Read More

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